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My fascination with fountain pens must partly arise from the simple fact that, like most of us, I spend my days tied to a keyboard and screen. But "digital" also refers to those ten tools we carry with us everywhere and today, I stumbled across an amazingly tactile iPad App that makes my fingers happy by turning guileful, galloping, gestures into a gorgeous game.


Blek (that can possible sound like it's spelled?) is a beautiful blend of calligraphy and code. This perfectly produced puzzle deserves a look by anyone addicted to the simple pleasure of making marks come to life.  

Creating a touch experience that truly delights is no easy task. I know from my own trials making my children's book Dragon Brush. I admire not only the detail and design of Blek, but also the care and craftsmanship lying just under the surface it so magically awakens. For $2.99 this extraordinary debut game by the Brothers Mikan can be had for less than the price of good cup of coffee, or a decent ballpoint pen, it will last much longer.

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Stroke of genius ... The magic of Blek is not only the logic behind solving the puzzles; it’s in watching my creativity come to life with precision.
— John Polson, IndieGames.com